About Chocolate Cupcake

Chocolate Cupcake is a lifestyle brand celebrating the inner and outward beauty, power and plight of girls. We produce books, television and internet media content, fashion, music, retail products and live events which reflect the qualities of our 5-C Living concept - Courage, Confidence, Creativity, Compassion and Character. In everything we do, we aim to portray girls as the heroes they are, embodying their vast diversity, greatest hopes, dreams and possibilities. Join our movement as we endeavor to show the world what defines a real Chocolate Cupcake. Let's celebrate our sweetness together!

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The Chocolate Cupcake brand is the creative work of five professional women, who are all mothers and wives based in Atlanta, Georgia. Back in 2008, Cheryl Reed, came home from what she swore would be her last Hannah Montana party where her daughter, Marlyn, would don a blond wig, and wondered why there were no fun characters that looked like Marlyn that she could get behind. Cheryl's friend, Melissa Monroe, responded with the suggestion, "Why don't we make that happen for our own girls? I know a lot of moms are looking for the same thing." Cheryl and Melissa nurtured the idea with the goal for finding the right creative work to embody the characters they envisioned. Cheryl and Melissa approached their children's beloved elementary school teacher and researcher, Lynda Lee Osborne to ally and become a partner in the development of the concept. From there, the characters and business prospects continued to evolve. 

In 2009, the team suffered a devastating blow with the untimely death of their beloved friend Cheryl due to a rare and aggressive form of cancer. After heavy consideration, Melissa approached media attorney and friend, Alysia Long, to partner to continue building the brand. Later, the call went out to friend, writer and PR professional, Athena Hernandez to come on board which solidified the development team. Melissa, Lynda, Alysia and Athena officially founded Chocolate Cupcake, LLC. in 2009. 

The four women went on to take the Chocolate Cupcake characters and live experience on the road, market testing the concept with enthusiastic groups of girls and parents from Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Washington, DC; and Los Angeles. During the ensuing years, Chocolate Cupcake solidified the vision to become a producer of media content, retail products/fashions, and popular live events all designed to celebrate our girls, placing them at the center of our marketing imagery, products, services and events. As we continue to grow, we hope to see the Chocolate Cupcake characters and ideals featured in books, television series, films and products that resound with the voices and interests of tween girls!