About Our Brand

Chocolate Cupcake is an exciting new lifestyle brand that supports the positive identity development of tween girls through books, media, fashion, music and live experiences all based on our "5C Living" traits of Courage, Confidence, Creativity, Compassion and Character.

Our brand was borne of a desire to provide alternative images for girls of color in a global marketplace and media reality that often overlooks, misrepresents and devalues them. We address this problem by placing our girls at the center of our marketing and showcasing them as the "girls next door" standard. At the heart of the Chocolate Cupcake brand is an emphasis on the wealth of diversity, talent, personalities and all-around amazingness that defines the aesthetic of our girls. 

Everything that we produce places a focus on helping girls to appreciate themselves and their own brand of awesome. Our clothing, stories, shows and events are all created to help every girl to feel comfortable in her own skin - being exactly who SHE is. A girl that's more confident in herself can be a better friend to others, and a better contributor to our communities - and to the world.

We look forward to growing a brand our consumers can trust to provide engaging stories, cool products, and interactive events that celebrate the sweetness of our girls! We have a current capital campaign to garner investors who want to see our brand win, and who see the vast potential in this work. Please email our development team at ChocolateCupcakeLife@gmail.com to find out how you can get involved!

Please peruse the products and images on our site, and visit often to learn about new product releases and community events that your girls will love like our new character-driven tween book series and cartoon The Sweet Shop, our clothing and accessory lines, and live events such as the famed Cupcake RUN! Learn more about our characters by clicking the "Meet Our Characters" tab on the menu, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ ChocolateCupcakeLife, on Twitter @CupcakeLives, and on Pinterest @CupcakeRepublic.