Why We Exist


Negative media portrayals of women and girls of color can have adverse and long-lasting effects on our self-concept, as well as upon the ways in which others view us. What's the remedy? Flooding the airwaves and commercial marketplace with a broad spectrum of images that reflect the diversity of us - our beauty, our perspectives, our talents, our personalities, our bodies, our hair types, our interests, our professions, our shades, our cultures, and our choices. Chocolate Cupcake's mission is to engage our audience in #CelebratingOurGirls in all of our myriad forms. This is What. We. Do. Join us for the 2016 Cupcake RUN! for Girls, Friends and Families on Saturday, October 29th to learn more and to come together in support of our girls! http://ChocolateCupcakeLife.eventbrite.com . 

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