CC's Tween Book Series Launches with "Joi to the SWiRL" Fall 2015

TIME'S RUNNING OUT!! Summer’s almost over and team SWIRL still has to get a lead singer, find rehearsal space, and get ready for school! Not to mention deal with all of the drama that plays a starring role in the lives of these five very different, but very close friends. Step into the animated world of Joi, Cheryl, Jasmine, Zora and Cecelia as they figure out who they are, and how the heck they’re going to get their all-girl band some paying gigs before school starts.  Will the Chocolate Cupcake girls find a way to triumph over their latest challenge? Is their friendship strong enough to withstand the ups and downs of middle school life?

Find out in book 1: Joi to the SWiRL available on, Fall 2015!

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